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1. Definition:

    OOO "Putevoditel turista" (Society) is a legal entity established and existing in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, registered in the Unified state register of legal entities under PSRN 5147746138580, the owner of the website in the Internet with addresses www.passcity.ru and placing the Seller on the sale of the Product to Customers and suggestions on the implementation of its own Products.

    Seller – an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity, established and existing in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the supplier of the Product, the right to receive which is implemented by the company with the use of the site www.passcity.ru on the terms and conditions hereof. In cases of realization of its own Product of the company under the Seller herein refers to the Society.

    Product service and/or work and/or the Seller's goods or Companies sold (sold) to the Customer with a discount or without it on the basis of the presented Voucher or as part of the Aggregation of the voucher without additional cost on the Client side. The product of the company is implemented without the Voucher or the voucher Aggregation.

    Customer – the capable physical person who is a citizen of the Russian Federation or of a state acquiring the Products presented on the website of the company, by the acceptance on this offer for their own personal purposes not connected with entrepreneurial activities.

    Website – the Internet site placed by the company on the Internet at: www.passcity.ru the Website is owned and operated by Society.

    Action is the offer of the Seller on the sale of the Product to a certain range with a certain discount or without it for a certain period of time on the Site.

    Order is appropriately filled and submitted Customer order, addressed to the Society, to purchase the selected Product page.

    Aggregate voucher – a set of multiple Vouchers confirming the payment of Customer Orders, allowing you to obtain several Products, including different Sellers, one Aggregating the voucher and the necessary presentation to the Client the Seller to get Seller Products.

    Voucher – electronic or printed document in the form prescribed by the Society and used them on the Site, certifying the Client's right to receive Seller's Product containing a unique serial number (barcode), all the necessary information about the Product, the conditions and procedure for its granting and use, the validity period of the Voucher, exceptions, limitations and other information about the Product.

    Personal account is a personal space on the Website, access to which has a Client, which reflects the Customer's personal information, history of Orders placed with Vouchers, Aggregating vouchers, paid Products and Companies with which you can arrange and pay for the Order print your Voucher.

    Acceptance – performance by the Client of the actions specified in this offer aimed at the conclusion of the contract on the sale (the sale) of the Product and evidence of acceptance by the Client of the terms of the offer.

2. General provisions

2.1. This offer is a public offer according to article 435 and part 2 of article 437 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation.
2.2. This offer takes effect and is valid from the date of its posting on the Website.
The company has the right, without notice, to amend this offer. Change of the offer shall enter into force after their publication on the Website and shall apply to any Order made after publication.
2.3. The society will consider itself entered into a contract for the sale of the Product with the Customer who has accepted, on the terms set forth herein.
2.4. The powers of the company are limited to posting on the Website Products (information about the Product and the Seller, the object and conditions of sale by the Seller of the Product, other information) on behalf and for the account of Seller, acceptance of the Client's funds and providing the Client with a Voucher or Aggregating vouchers (hereinafter vouchers and voucher Aggregation is referred to as "Voucher") confirming the Client's right to require the Seller to provide to the Customer the purchased Product in accordance with the terms of the agreement and the Shares.
Rights and responsibilities for execution of the concluded contract arise directly from the Client and the Seller.
All claims subject to the terms and conditions of the contract, including the quality of the Product purchased, are to be presented to the Seller.
2.5. Ordering and paying for product through the Site, the Customer unconditionally accepts the terms of the contract for the sale of the Product set out in this offer.

3. Product information

3.1. Full information about the Product (Product price, place and terms of sale of the Product, information about the Seller, otherwise) posted on the Website and on the Voucher.
3.2. All distributed Products are introduced into civil circulation in a legal way, are valid and do not violate the rights of third parties.
3.3. All text information and graphic images of Products posted on the Site are the property of the company and/or Seller.
3.4. The seller is free to decide whether you can use the Product along with gift certificates and other discount programs.

4. Registration on the Website

4.1. Viewing of Stock, making Orders and purchase Vouchers as possible by registering on the Website (create an account, account), and without it.
4.2. By registering and logging on to the Website under the social networking accounts (Facebook, Vkontakte, etc.), the Client confirms the fact of his acquaintance with this offer and the full and unconditional acceptance of its terms, including consent to the processing of personal data by the Society of the Client on the terms specified in section 8 hereof.
4.3. The society is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the Client during registration.
4.4. The client undertakes not to disclose to third parties the login and password specified during registration on the Website. In the event of the Customer suspicions about the safety of his login and password or the possibility of their unauthorized use by third parties, the Customer shall immediately notify the Society by sending an email to info@passcity.ru or contact the Society at the telephone number listed on the Website.
4.5. The customer is responsible for any actions taken on the Website under his account and on behalf of the Client.
4.6. You may not use the Website in any illegal activities. Customers agree to abide by the laws of the Russian Federation, and to observe acceptable standards of behavior on the Site, including not to spread spam, distribute malicious software, links to WEB resources, which can cause harm to anyone, and not to do on the Website other actions not relevant to morality and the legislation of the Russian Federation.
In case if the company suspects a Customer of committing illegal actions, including in the banking card fraud, distribution of spam, malware and other acts that violate the conditions of the offer, the company shall have the right to block or delete the Customer's account. At the same time for the return of funds remaining in the personal account of the Client, the latter should personally contact the office of the Society a statement and to present a passport.
4.7. The customer is entitled to register on the Site once. In the event that the Client will have multiple active accounts, the company reserves the right to delete duplicate accounts.

5. Registration and payment of the order (acceptance), tickets

5.1. Order and purchase Voucher issued by the Customer on the Website.
5.2. To begin Ordering on the website the Client must click the button "Buy ticket" button with a different name that refers to a sale of the Product in the relevant section of the page dedicated to a specific Product. After specifying parameters of the Product (if necessary, places, dates, additional information) and the number of Vouchers the Customer for payment and completing the Order, you must click "Pay" and then follow the instructions on the Website.
5.3. To pay for the Product in several ways that are listed on the Website. All costs associated with payment of the Product, including the Commission of payment systems and terminals, are the responsibility of the Client.
5.4. After payment a Voucher in electronic form with an identification bar code (check code voucher) or the product of the company is directed to address electronic mail (e-mail) specified by the Customer when Ordering.
5.5. The payment is full and unconditional acceptance of this offer by the Client, and the Client is deemed to have entered into the contract for the sale to him of the Product.
5.6. Proof of a contract for the sale of the Product by the Client is the presentation to the Seller of the Voucher with an identification bar code (check code of the voucher). Any other evidence of the agreement by the Seller will not be considered.
To obtain a Product most Sellers are required to provide a Voucher in printed form or in electronic form on the screen of the mobile device. Print the Voucher via Personal Cabinet of the Client.
5.7. The company is not responsible for loss or theft of a Voucher or the data shown on it. The client must exercise due diligence and caution when handling the Voucher and link to it.
After receiving the Voucher, the Client is solely responsible for its integrity and authenticity, for the loss of validity of the Voucher associated with the loss, damage in any manner, including rupture, fracture, damage by fire, any objects, liquids and substances application for more information, erasures, corrections, Department voucher (control) coupon, etc.
5.8. Copying, selling, counterfeit the Voucher and re-use of one Voucher (including third parties) is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.
5.9. Paying for the Order, the Customer confirms agreement with the terms of this agreement, including the transfer of your personal data (as provided in Section 8 of this Agreement) and the Order details to the Seller.
5.10. The Client hereby informed that in some cases, to obtain a Product Voucher be exchanged for a ticket of the statutory form (form of strict accountability) at the cash Desk of the Seller. The necessity of this exchange, the Client is obliged to find yourself in the cash Desk of the Seller.
5.11. The validity of the Voucher is specified on the Voucher.
5.12. If the Client sent the voucher to the Seller or expired validity of the Voucher, such Voucher is used. All claims for Product quality or Customer receipt, and a refund for the Voucher should be sent directly to the Seller.
5.13. Obligations shall be deemed performed entirely from the transfer of a Voucher or your own Product to the Client in accordance with clause 5.4. hereof.

6. Conditions of the refund Voucher and cash

6.1. Signing the contract in accordance with this offer, the Client agrees that refunds for purchased Vouchers are possible and are made by the company in accordance with the terms of this agreement, unless otherwise specified in the subject and the Action.
If the Product is a proprietary product of Society, the transfer of the Client Product is the fact of its use and the refund is not made.
6.2. A refund is only possible within the validity period of the Voucher if you return your unused Vouchers no later than 2 calendar days before the start date of the event specified on the Voucher and subject to Customer refund Voucher under this offer.
In the case of missing the deadline or non-compliance under the refund is not made.
6.3. The refund is made less the actual incurred by the company costs associated with a return Voucher and cash in the amount of 10% of the price of the Voucher (Product price).
6.4. When you return Voucher matching the Voucher barcode Society is removed, and the Voucher becomes invalid and is not accepted by the Seller.
6.5. Refunds for lost or damaged Voucher and also used partially or completely the Voucher is not produced.
6.6. In the event that the Product included in the List of goods of proper quality not subject to return or exchange approved by the Decree of the Russian Government dated January 19, 1998 №55, the refund Voucher and cash is not made.
6.7. For return Voucher and cash the Client should send to the Society at the address listed on the Website, the application on return of the Voucher and funds in written form, indicating their passport data, address of residence, Bank details for the transfer and application of the Voucher.
The application should be directed in such a way that the Society received it on the date specified in item 6.2. hereof.
The term of consideration of the application and refund to the Client is 5 (five) days of receipt of the application by the Society and is calculated in working days excluding holidays/weekends. If the application is received by the company after 18.00 on a business day or a holiday/weekend, the moment of receipt of the application shall be the following business day.
6.8. The refund is made to the account of the Client the Client's Bank, which was used to purchase the Ticket, unless otherwise specified in the Client request.
6.9. If the Customer who purchased the Voucher have failed to book the Product, as required in the terms and conditions on a particular day for the reason that this Product already reserved by other Customers and the Seller, in turn, was willing to provide this service the other day and if the conditions has been agreed that the Voucher must be redeemed by a specific date, and the Client didn't, therefore couldn't use the Voucher - it is not a refusal of the Seller to service the Customer, and the Voucher is considered used.
6.10. In case of Client's refusal of a tourist Product (tourist permit) on request by the Seller which was made the reservation specified product, the Society on the basis of article 32 of the RF Law "On protection of consumer rights" from 07.02.1992 N 2300-1 is obliged to return the amount paid by the Client for a tourism product, less actual costs incurred of the Seller and the company in the amount of 25% of the price of the tourist product.
6.11. Refusal to purchase the tourist Product (tourist permit) is possible only in case if the Seller refuses to sell the Product in terms of Action and/or ceased to exist. At the same time through the Customer support Service Companies, the Customer is obliged to inform a unique order number, Seller name, date and time of visit, name and surname of the employee who refused to sell the Product. Within 3(Three) days the company will take steps to ascertain the reasons for the refusal in the sale of Product and inform the Customer of the outcome. If the Seller again refuses to sell the Product, it will be refund to the Client, minus the price of other Products (expenses for other services) as part of the Voucher purchased.
6.12. For the return of funds credited to a Bank account of the company wrong (without buying the Voucher), payment systems, Customer must contact the Customer Service of Companies with a written statement indicating their passport data, address of residence, Bank details for the transfer, and checks/receipts erroneous admission. After receiving all specified documents of the Society shall refund within 10 (ten) working days from the date of receipt of the application on the Customer's current account specified in your latest statement, less the actual incurred by the company costs associated with the return of funds in the amount of not more than 15% of the transfer amount.
6.13. To ensure the security of Customer payments in the case of the risk of improper performance or complete failure to fulfill the obligations of the Seller, the company shall have the right independently to stop the Action on the Website.

7. Warranty and liability

7.1. The society is responsible for the validity of its rights to contract for the sale of the Product and transmitting to the Client the Voucher. In any case, the liability is limited to refund to the Customer the actual damage.
7.2. The society is not responsible for non-performance or inadequate performance by the Seller of its obligations under the implementation of the Product. The damage caused to the Customer due to improper execution and/or non-performance by the Seller of its obligations under the implementation of the Product, refunded by the Seller.
7.3. Responsibility for the quality and safety of the Product is the Seller.
7.4. Claims and complaints related to the quality of the Product and its provision to the Client, subject to the direction of the Seller and shall be settled directly between the Customer and the Seller. In case disputes cannot be settled in the complaint procedure, the disputes shall be settled in court.
7.5. The voucher can only be used at face value and in accordance with the terms and conditions specified therein and in this offer.
7.6. The voucher does not give any additional preferences to order other Products of the Seller or the Products of Companies if the Voucher is not specified.
7.7. The seller may refuse to supply Product due to objective reasons (as specified in the terms and conditions or not), force majeure or in cases of breach by the Client of the rules established in the institution of the Seller.
7.8. The client bears full responsibility, including criminal liability, for failure to comply with Seller's rules and requirements for Product realization, including failure to comply with statutory rules of conduct in public areas and generally accepted norms of morality.

8. The privacy and protection of personal information

8.1. Giving the public their personal data when registering on the website, the purchase of the Voucher, the Product purchase Companies or other cases, the Client gives his or her voluntary consent to the processing and use of your personal data according to art. 3, article 15 of the Federal law of 27.07.2006 №152-FZ "On personal data" (hereinafter the "Act"), for the purposes defined in the Charter and agreement, and to promote a Society of their services in a variety of ways, including through the implementation of automated analysis of personal data, as well as their transfer to third parties and cross-border transfer, without restriction of validity period. According to paragraph 5 article 21 of the Act, this consent may be withdrawn only subject to notice to the Society in the manner prescribed by paragraph 8.3. hereof.
The company undertakes not to distribute data received from the Client information to third parties other than those specified in this offer.
8.2. Not considered a violation the disclosure of the information to agents and third parties acting under contract with the Society, to fulfill obligations to the Customer. Not considered a violation of obligations provision of information in accordance with reasonable and applicable legal requirements.
The company has the right to use the technology "cookies". "Cookies" do not contain confidential information and is not shared with third parties. The company receives information about ip-address of a visitor. This information is not used to establish the identity of the Client, with the exception of the fraudulent actions of the Client.
8.3. The client may at any time require the removal of their personal data. To do this he must contact the Customer support Companies by sending an email to info@passcity.ru. In this case, all obtained from the Customer information (including in the username and password) is removed from the customer base of Society, the Client will not have access to the Website and you can view previously purchased Vouchers.
8.4. The company is not responsible for the information provided by the Client on the Website in a public form.
8.5. The customer is responsible for the authenticity of the transmitted personal data to Society, and for maintaining the confidentiality of e-mail and password used during registration on the Website.
8.6. When registering on the Website, the Client provides the public with the following data: a surname, a name, email address, telephone number, address, age. The company is entitled to use for the performance of its obligations to the Customer. These data Society gives to the Seller for fulfillment of obligations on sale of the Product, if the need for this follows from the essence of the services provided by the Seller. Responsibility for the accuracy of the data presented rests with the Customer.
8.7. The company uses information:
• for registration of the Customer on the Website.
• to meet its obligations to the Customer;
• to evaluate and analyze the performance of the Site;
• to determine the winner in the shares held by the company;
• otherwise contemplated herein and by the law.

9. Informational messages

9.1. Register or make a purchase on the Website, the Customer consents to receiving updated information, newsletters with the latest news, new offers, special offers and listings, and information about news and offers of the Companies by means of SMS, MMS and emails.
To unsubscribe, the Customer should contact the customer support Companies and fill out the necessary form.

10. Reward for Customers

10.1. For attracting Customer to their friends, relatives, and friends to purchase Vouchers on the Website the company may provide the Customer bonus compensation in the form of discounts on the purchase of Vouchers.
10.2. Bonus reward can be used by Client only for the payment Voucher on the Website. Bonus compensation is not payable in cash.
10.3. To attract their friends, acquaintances, relatives, the Client receives from Society a unique link to the Website, following which attract the potential customer can register on the Site. This link the Client is entitled to publish in any manner not violating the rights and interests of third parties, as well as the legislation of the Russian Federation.
10.4. The client agrees to use this unique link to attract real individuals. In the case that the Client will carry out the mailing list received a unique link to register bots on the Site, and in the case of unlawful distribution or other unlawful activity on the part of the Customer, the company is entitled to block the Customer's account and/or attracted by the potential client, to cancel the purchased Voucher, and not to provide bonus rewards. In this case, all the consequences of the above actions and the responsibility for them rests with the Customer.
10.5. To obtain the bonus reward Customer engaged, individuals are required to register on the Site, putting real e-mail address and/or (depending on conditions) to purchase Vouchers on the Website. Payment for this purchase must be made in cash in the amount of not less than 300 (three hundred) rubles, using any possible methods of payment available on the Website. In case the payment involved a physical person is performed on cash received by such person on the Site from Companies for participation in various marketing promotions, reward Customer is not charged.
10.6. The fee is charged to the Customer for only one purchase from the involved individuals.
10.7. The bonus award is determined by the company specifically for each Share and indicates with a detailed description on the Promotions page on the Website.

11. Other conditions

11.1. To the legal relations between the client and the Society under this offer are governed by the law of the Russian Federation.
11.2. In the event of claims from the Client, it must contact the Customer Service of the company by phone or email listed on the Website, unless otherwise stated in this offer.
11.3. All disputes arising Parties will try to resolve through negotiations. Failing agreement by negotiation, the dispute shall be resolved in court in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation with observance of pre-trial claim procedure. The response time for the complaint is for 1 (one) month from the date of receipt.
11.4. Recognition by the court of invalidity of any conditions of this offer or contract shall not entail the invalidity of the remaining terms of the offer or the contract respectively.